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Why choose us?

Retink Graphics understands that your vehicle is an important asset and that making a decision to design and install this type of advertising is an investment. That said, we encourage you to consider your options carefully.

The Retink Team has the expertise to assist you in making the best decision possible for your vehicle & budget

·       Wrapping vehicles and installing wrap products is our primary business

·       We remove & replace all the external trim work on the vehicle before applying a wrap. We do not cut around                  these areas

·       We only use top quality, professional wrap products and tools

·       Our installers are professionally trained

·       All work we do is completed entirely on-site at Retink Graphics

·       All artwork is done by our in-house Design Team

·       Designs are created completely custom to cater for the needs of our customers

·       There are no hidden costs in any quote given

·       We have the capability to provide detailed custom graphics specifically designed for all makes and models of                cars, trucks, vans, trailers and signage.

·       We have recognisable brand names that work solely with us for commercial wraps, this work can be viewed in              our gallery

·       When a vehicle arrives, we meticulously clean and strip the vehicle to ensure that the graphic is applied correctly          and stays on for the full material life span

·       Our premises is fully insured, with 24hr CCTV 

·       We are proud of our high-quality work and we are happy to provide it to you at a fair price

Vehicle wraps are the future of advertising and are growing in popularity. Since the world is not likely to slow down, vehicle wraps will pick up speed - so it's wise to keep up with your competition, or beat them to the punch. Secure your future now by getting more from your branding Call Retink Graphics today and begin your journey in vehicle advertising.

086  893 2178  /  01  841  3554

For all other contct information click here.

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