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Vehicle Wraps

Full Wrap
A full printed Vehicle Wrap can generate the most impressions by covering the entire surface of your vehicle. A full Wrap allows for the ultimate in creative design and visual impact. A Full Wrap includes the entire surface of the vehicle with roof depending on the vehicle and the client’s preferences.

Fully wrapped commercial vehicle. Branded in company graphics
A Full Wrap works really well on this Mercedes Sprinter for Kennedys. It demonstrates with the use of complementary colours & placement of artwork really gets the most out of the surface area on your vehicle and deffinitly stands out from the crowd.

Partial Wrap
A partial vehicle Wrap offers a more economical option compared to a full vehicle Wrap. Instead of covering the entire vehicle with vinyl, a partial Wrap integrates the colour of the vehicle into the design of the Wrap.
A 1/2 Wrap includes the entire rear of the vehicle and 1/2 way up the vehicle, with the option of a hood logo.  Our 3/4 Wraps include the entire rear of the vehicle while coving ¾ of the  way up the vehicle to the front doors and generally includes a hood logo. 

A Partial Wrap can send out a proffessional message to the public with the use of a good design & top quality fitting. A Partial Wrap doesnt cover the vehicle entirely but when done right can be just as effective.

Colour Change
Colour change Wraps are a temporary change of colour to your vehicle with absolutely no damage to the OEM paint underneath. In fact, colour change Wraps protect your vehicle from stone chips, fading paint and minor scratches. A Full Colour Change Wrap includes the entire surface of the vehicle with roof depending on the vehicle and the client’s preferences. 

BMW 530D
This BMW stands out in this 3M Satin Perfect Blue colour change. Any vehicle can be transformed proffessionaly by our fitters at Retink Graphics with a wide range of colours to choose from. We use 3M materials to ensure the best quality wraps on the market so if you are interested in a custom colour change for your vehicle then contact us for an enquiry.

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