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Building Wraps

Vinyl wall graphics & wall wraps are the latest emerging trend in retail marketing and interior design. Cover the walls in your house or business with trendy cut vinyl wall graphics or go with a large full colour digital print! Your vinyl wall graphics will get the attention of consumers in a restaurant or retail setting. You can display featured products and promote brands in a store by having us design and install an amazing wall wrap in any room you choose! Thinking about your home? Vinyl wall graphics can help create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere that paint or wallpaper cant achieve.

Our custom wall graphics come in many easy-to-use formats that can cost a lot less than many traditional interior finishes. Retink Graphics can digitally print you a custom wall mural on a ton of materials ranging from wrap vinyl with a UV protected laminate to a traditional non-adhesive backed digitally printed wallpaper. Wall wraps and graphics can be installed on multiple types of surfaces including smooth painted wall surfaces, or installed directly on PVC or foam-core panels.

What is a building wrap?

A building wrap is any type of vinyl that is used to advertise or change colors on buildings, offices, homes, and stores.

How much does a building wrap cost?

Due to the variety of sizes and substrates, costs are quoted on a per job basis. Call us and enquire!

How long do building wraps last?

Building wraps can last however long you want them too. From short term promotional events to long term customizations, we have the products to suit your needs!

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